Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Live Online Training?

Live Online Training simply refers to training that is done online, with a fully qualified Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pilot. During our Live Online sessions, you will be expertly guided through presentations that will teach you everything you need to know in order to fly your drone safely and legally. You will have the opportunity to participate in various ways such as answering polls, asking questions, annotating on the screen, and generally commenting with the group. Our Live Online sessions are fully interactive!

What hardware / software do I need?

You can attend our live sessions on your PC, Mac, Tablet, or Mobile. There are some minor functionality limitations if you attend via a tablet or mobile, nothing serious. If you attend via Mac / PC, the webinar uses a tiny plugin in your browser that installs when you join a live session. More information will be emailed to you upon registration for training.

Why should I attend this training?

No matter what kind of drone you fly, or plan to fly, the safety and legal considerations are incredibly important. You don’t want to end up on the evening news after a bad day out with your drone. Even worse, you don’t want to be responsible for causing serious injury….or worse to a family member, friend, or indeed the general public. We understand that not everyone can indulge themselves by doing the CASA Remote Pilot License. It’s expensive, complex, and is geared towards those wanting to fly their drones commercially. Our Live Online Training allows everyone to get all the information they need to operate any drone safely every single flight.

Why learn with Renegade Drones Australia?

  • We are entirely dedicated to making you a safe drone pilot
  • We are the ONLY ones who offer live online drone safety training
  • We offer access to a recording of each webinar you attend
  • Our training is specifically geared to drone pilots of all ages
  • We provide you with soft copies of useful information such as flight checklists

How long does the training take?

Our live online training consists of three webinars of 90 minutes each. Webinars are available at different times of the day to serve your individual needs.

Can I still ask questions after I finish my training?

Of course! Join our Facebook page to join our community and ask anything, anytime!

I haven’t found the answer to all of my questions here. Where can I go for more information?

Visit our Contact page for information on how to get in touch. We’ll do our level best to assist with your individual needs.